A smart plant system

LCD readout of plant settings

Isn’t it great when plants take care of themselves?

We’ve hooked a tiny standalone computer up to a handful of sensors to measure moisture, air quality, ambient light, and temperature. The computer (Raspberry Pi Model B) is wired into a USB water pump, so when the plant soil dries out past a certain point it’ll automatically water itself.
The Python software on the Pi sends updates every 10 seconds to a dashboard, so we can keep an eye on everything remotely.

We’ve ordered a camera, so we’ll be adding a live stream next. Once we’re up and running we’ll move into software:

  • Alexa integration: ‘Alexa, how’s the air quality in here?’
  • Slack integration: ‘/plantbot, water the plant’
  • In future we want to extend this into a sensor-based system to simulate a real life smart home, watch this space.